DAILY READINGS: Gen. 35:1-29; Psalms 7:1-8:9; Matt. 19:16-20:16

The cherubims spread out their wings on high, and covered with their wings over the mercy seat, with their face towards one another. Exodus 37:9

The cherubim never took their gaze off the blood sprinkled mercy seat. “There I will meet with thee” (Ex. 25:22), was God’s promise to Israel. As those redeemed by Christ, we now focus our gaze at Calvary and see His blood shed there for us. We also see Him in our midst as we gather (Matt. 18:20). May God help us to never turn our gaze from the cross nor from the Lamb who shed His blood and is in our midst. Oh what wonders grace has wrought! —Vernon Markle

Lord, I believe Thy precious blood, which, at the mercy seat of God,
Forever doth for sinners plead, for me, e’en for my soul, was shed. —Nikolaus L. von Zinzendorf